Full Service Accounts Receivable Management

Midwestern Audit Services Inc

What we offer:

Comprehensive Collection work to reduce past due accounts and recover uncollectible losses in a competent, non-threatening manner.

Fees based on successfully completed collections.

Telephone Contact (both incoming and outgoing) call service regarding accounts.

Computer linkage to companion past due accounts.

Autodial Service to provide high speed, low cost contact with consistent and effective collection messages.

Complete Compliance with all local, state and federal regulations.

Consultant Services

Confidentiality of client data





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Midwestern Audit

Services, Inc.


Is a full service accounts receivable management company that specializes in utility and health care clients. Midwestern Audit Services, a bonded agency, has been in the business for over thirty-six years. Our staff consists of trained professionals, many of whom came from the utility and health care industries.